Secure Managed Hosting Infrastructure

The security and integrity of your Website are as important as its relevance. Our secure managed hosting infrastructure offers you best in class security, sitting on top of high end performance. This isn’t something you pay more for. It’s how we add more value to your solutions.

The purpose behind creating a dedicated hosting infrastructure solution for Varident Web projects is to allow our customers to:

  • Focus on running their core business and minimizing any resource overhead associated with IT systems management
  • Have access to a professional level infrastructure providing high value at a fair cost
  • Maintain the flexibility to deploy and change solutions to adjust to business needs
  • Have the assurance that their web solutions are physically and digitally secured

We provide your website with the following set of standard set of features.

Advanced Security Systems

  • Perimeter Firewalls: Firewalls are critical components on any security architecture as they can allow or deny traffic to your Website from the Internet. We not only block unnecessary inbound and outbound traffic from accessing the network your Website is hosted on, but also take a proactive approach to monitoring for suspicious events in order to identify and take action before a threat has time to escalate.
  • Isolated Networks: In additional to protecting our network from the outside, we also utilize access lists to protect internal network traffic based on the roles of particular system or requirements justified by business need. This provides flexibility to support and isolate any customer instances with unique requirements that will not interact with or affect security requirements of other customers hosted on the platform.
  • Malicious Code Scans: Given the growing threat of malicious code that has the ability to steal data from or compromise a server for malicious activity, scans for malicious code are a necessity in any infrastructure. Servers in the hosted infrastructure undergo automated scans for malicious threats on a regular basis, isolating the threat as necessary.
  • Software Security Updates: The security of a solution should not be limited to just the solution itself. The Operating System or applications a solution depends on must also be updated in accordance with security best practices. To ensure that identified vulnerabilities in applications are addressed, critical patches to applications and Operating Systems are deployed on each server.
  • Secure Management: To prevent the possibility of a security breach through an administrative channel, all environment management is done through an encrypted channel by a select team of qualified individuals. This ensures that your Website will be administered with the same care and attention to detail that is found in security measures implemented for external threats.

Highly Available Architecture

  • Fault Tolerance: Each device within our infrastructure is setup in a pair to ensure that a failure of one component will not compromise the entire device. This teamed architecture starts as early as utilizing two companies for internet connectivity and power requirements, followed by paired network devices, clustered servers, and redundant storage, down to duplicate hardware components in all of these devices.
  • Performance Monitoring Applications: Our infrastructure applications actively monitor for potential failures, automatically transferring your website to safe zones if issues are detected. This minimizes the downtime to your Website in the event a system, application, or device failure was to occur. In addition, we have the ability to change system or network resources requirements needed by your applications with minimal to no downtime.

To talk with one of our team members about the value that our infrastructure brings to your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.